Circulares 29ª Conferencia Madrid 2022

CircularNombre DocumentoFechaFecha Fin
00WConf2022, Letter from the Chairman of the ISGF World Committee17/05/2021
00AWConf22 Checklist03/05/2021
00BWConf22 Timeline03/05/2021
01WConf22 Delegation17/05/202117/10/2021
01AWConf22 Proxy form17/05/2021lo antes posible hasta el primer pase de lista
02WConf22 Provisional Agenda17/05/202101/08/2021
03WConf22 Rules of Procedure17/05/202101/08/2021
04WConf22 Call for WCom candidates17/05/2021no aplica
04AWConf22 Letter to potential WCom candidates17/05/2021no aplica
04BWConf22 Nomination form WCom candidates17/05/202101/09/2021
05WConf22 Invitation for hosting WConf202417/05/2021no aplica
05AWConf22 Hosting WConf2024 request form17/05/202101/09/2021
06WConf22 Invitation for presentation17/05/2021no aplica
06AWConf2022 Action Time request form17/05/202117/10/2021
06BWConf2022 Display area request form17/05/202117/10/2021
07WConf22 World Market17/05/2021no aplica
07AWConf2022 World Market request form17/05/202117/10/2021
08WConf22 Proposals for Amendments ISGF Constitution and Bye Laws17/05/202101/08/2021